About Us

Welcome to Trendy Maddie!

Our story began when my first child Madeline was about 3 months old. Her lack of hair led to comments about her being a boy! Thus, my interest in adding feminine touches to her appearance began. I began to make bows and hair bands; anything that could help people to realize that Maddie was indeed a baby girl! A growing passion for making beautiful, hand-crafted bows ensued. In my endeavors, I met a fellow stay-at-home mom, who knew where to buy unique, decorative supplies for my new hobby. Though I began creating bows for Madeline as a fun side hobby, the lack of space in my house to store all these creations led me to start up my own business Trendy Maddie.

We hope that our carefully handcrafted accessories will allow your loved ones to sparkle everyday. Trendy Maddie has a unique line of accessories from simple and classic to extravagant and sophisticated. We truly appreciate all of our customer’s support and feedback!